Heritage Fitness And Wellness Center takes into consideration that there are many fitness choices in the area and that is why we are constantly improving and updating our facility for our members.  While Heritage Fitness And Wellness Center may be a fitness business, the thing most valuable to us is our members. We value our members and always strive to be the place where our members can come for an hour or two to work on their personal fitness.

Heritage Fitness And Wellness Center wants to be your choice number one choice for fitness and to help add more quality to your life through fitness.

Heritage Fitness And Wellness Center believes that the core to achieving success in fitness is strength training, which is the heart of our program.  We provide leadership through training.  Everyone can be  trained as an athlete no matter the age or current conditioning of any individual.

Our Services

We are duly accredited and are experts in the provision of professional services such as

  • Physiotherapy
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

We have state of the art equipment, certified and licensed professionals, great ambiance and Quality Assurance System in place to ensure that you get the top-notch care you need.

Our Mission

Heritage Fitness and Wellness Center was established out of passion to promote a community of healthy people that are sufficiently motivated to adopt and sustain a lifestyle of fitness and sound health.

We are a team of professionals with demonstrable experience and commitment to Rehabilitate, Revitalize and Replenish your world either as individuals, families, communities or corporate organizations.

Our Core Values

  • Care
  • Result
  • Integrity
  • Discipline


Care is defined as to have feelings like concern, responsibility or love for someone or something. (yourdictionary.com)

At Heritage Fitness and Wellness center we are customer-focused and passionate about what we

  1. Our entire team shows empathy across every unit of operations. When you relate with us,

you can feel the touch of care and relief.

Simply put, we are care-oriented and will serve you well.


Our team clearly understand the concept of effectiveness and efficiency in healthcare service delivery. We support our clients to set and achieve their wellness goals at the best possible cost.


We are a team of competent professionals and are ethical in all our dealings. We do not cut corners to achieve results, we keep our word and take responsibility for every individual under our care.


We demonstrate discipline, dedication and determination. We are strongly committed to your well-being. We get our work done.


Build a stronger, healthier and a lovely body. That’s it.

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