Physiotherapists have a role to play in the prevention and management of obesity. Obesity leads to restrictions in movement, affecting engagement in physical activity. A treatment plan for an obese patient may comprise of:

  • Provision of personalized lifestyle advice, taking into account individual attitudes, beliefs, circumstances, cultural and social preferences, and readiness to change
  • Prescription, supervision, and progression of appropriate physical activity to increase muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance, and sustain energy output to enhance and maintain weight loss under safe and controlled conditions
  • Management of associated conditions such as arthritis, back pain, and other musculoskeletal and chronic conditions, such as heart disease


Our physiotherapy clinic will help you get your health back and put you in the right shape, both mind and body.

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At first i was thinking i wasn't doing too much in losing the fats in my body when i first got to heritage but it was amazing after 4 weeks my clothes looks like agbada on me. Now my wife loves me more.

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